Diamond Tower

Stuff your pockets full of diamonds – Diamond Tower will not notice anything!

About the slot
Diamond Tower is a slot machine from Amaya, and this one created quite a stirrup when it was released. Amaya are one of the giants on the marked, and even though they have not created so many slot machines up until now, they are well known among experienced players – the Canadian company is a conglomerate of both game developers and online casinos. So when they do something, they really go all-in. Diamond Tower is not their prettiest game, but it does evolve around one of the favourite themes out there – luxury lifestyle. Diamonds, fancy cocktails, small dogs, expensive bracelets, old cars and big yachts. Diamond Tower lacks 3D-graphics and cool animations, but it makes up for that with the 1024 ways to win. Yup, it doesn’t get much easier to win. Amaya could have done a better job with the background and sound effects, this is probably one of the reasons for Diamond Tower not being so popular.

Betting options and payouts
Amaya is popular among experienced players, since they have long catered to high rollers in terms of user-friendliness. The menu on the bottom of the slot is good and easy to understand, we especially appreciated the easy Autospin-function and the fast stake selector. The card-symbols were a bit of a disappointment, but the others were amazing. We especially liked the old fancy car in particular – it pays up to 2000 coins from one payline! Considering that you can bet anything from a few cents to several hundred coins, this could mean a lot of cash. Another downside, however, is that the RTP looks lower than in other, similar games. After 200 spins we saw a substantial minus, and even though several thousand spins need to be played in order to calculate the RTP, a big loss is never good. A gorgeous woman is the wild-symbol in Diamond Tower, she will help you out a bit when you spin the wheels, but we were really expecting to win more often – especially considering the 1024 ways to win!

Special functions and jackpot
There is only one bonus function on Diamond Tower, which was also a bit disappointing compared to Mega Fortune and other similar games. You can get quite a few free spins and a multiplier on top, but it is very difficult, since there are two parts of this function. First, you need to land two scatters or more – then you need to spin the wheels additional times and hope for more scatters. When you gather five scatters, you are taken to a special screen. There, you choose different doors and hope to reveal both a bunch of free spins and a multiplier. Too tricky, if you ask us.

Considering there are so many similar slot machines out there, many with better details, cool graphics, animations, and more bonus features, we would not recommend Diamond Tower for players looking for awesome entertainment. Amaya knows better. If you are looking to play on high stakes, however, this could be the game for you. With 1024 ways to win a multiplex of betting options, you could win millions.

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